About Ariel Viera

My experience is in the crossroads of social media, community, and video. I’ve built communities and created content for Gawker Media, Vox Media, Foursquare, and Museum Hack.

For the past year, I’ve been running Urbanist, where I provide an experience of vicariously exploring a city unlike anything else out there. So far we’ve acquire 21,000 followers and over 3.5 million video views. The mediums of choice are Facebook Live, 360 video, video guides, and photography. After 150+ live streams, I realized that I want to help others tell their stories on live video and social media overall. Because everyone—may they be a brand, business, or individual—has a unique story to tell that will provide value to a larger audience.

I’ve helped Museum Hack implement a social strategy that increased engagement by 122%, 6K likes, and reach by 176% (up to 500K people reached). I produced Facebook Lives on New York Tour1 that directly drove sales for their tours. Along with partnering up on Urbanist with major brands such Sennheiser, Atlas Obscura, Away Travel, (RED), Central Park, and many others.

Check out my work on Urbanist.