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HI, I'm Ariel!

I’m a storyteller using social media in innovative ways: from Facebook Live urban explorations, to action-packed 1-minute videos optimized for social media, to helping brands tell an overarching story through engaging content across various platforms. This past year I’ve been running the Facebook Live show Urbanist and worked with major brands such as (RED), Sennheiser, Central Park Conservancy, Atlas Obscura, and many others. 3.5 million views later, I want to help you tell your story on social media too.

Because let’s face it... everyone—individual or brand—has a story. Let’s tell your story through engaging content.

Lets work together


Live Video Production

Live Video is taking over and it's more appealing to brand audiences than any other type of content. According to a New York Magazine survey: 82% of people prefer live video from a brand as opposed to a social post. If you’re looking to directly engage with your audience and get immediate feedback through live video, then we’re in business!

We’ll plan the execution of your live video depending on your goals, utilize the appropriate channels to acquire an audience, and most importantly go live. I offer packages ranging from a private consultation on how to create a Live Video show yourself to executing a full Live Video show from the ground up. We’ll take your goals and make them in live video gold. Contact me at with information about your brand and your goals and we’ll move from there.


Social Video Production

Want video optimized for social media that isn’t your average commercial? A video that will provide value to its viewers and help you acquire a larger following on social media? I can produce that video for you, which will be individually optimized for each social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter). I offer packages ranging from editing video you already have and optimizing for social media to shooting full video that will help you reach your goals on social media (may it be help to drive direct sales, market your product, engage with your community, or build a portfolio). Contact me at with a link to your brand’s social media handles and your goals and we’ll move from there.


Social Media Consultation

There’s no overnight solution to social media. But I can help you with actionable steps in refining a social strategy that will lead you to success. Give me 60 minutes and we’ll optimize your strategy to maximize the advantages of each platform, go over how to leverage ads on Facebook and Instagram, and what content you should be posting based on comparative research. We can use our time on a social media mini-audit, lay out a clear social strategy, or get feedback on your paid social campaigns.


Creative Collaboration

Along with offering my services as a freelancer, I also run Urbanist which is a brand that enhances your travel experiences through immersive Facebook Live tours and engaging short-videos. We have 21K followers, 700K views/month, and growing. If you’re looking to collaborate with a social media influencer and you see synergy with my content and audience, I offer: sponsored Facebook Lives, Instagram stories, photos, and videos (short-form, long-form, 360). Also guest Facebook Live hosting, giveaways, press trips, and product reviews.

For more information check out my media kit.




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If you'd like to get in contact with me regarding working together, partnerships, or if you simply want to connect. Feel free to email me or fill the form below.



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