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Hi, I'm Ariel!

Millions of videos are uploaded every day vying for your audience’s attention. To deliver a message to the masses you need to understand how to make people stop in their tracks as they’re mindlessly scrolling.

The number one way to do that is with videos that make people feel something and inspire them to engage.

If you’re a business or brand, and you’re looking to tell a compelling story, I want to help you tell that story on video.

I’m an innovator in live-streaming and 360 video, a Finalist for Live-Streamer of the Year at the Shorty Awards 2018 (basically the Oscars of Social Media). For this past year and a half, I’ve been running the Facebook Live show Urbanist and have amassed over 7 million views! 

Let’s make engaging videos to tell your story in an authentic way as I have done before with brands such as the New York Tourism Board, Visit Philly, Visit Helsinki, Sennheiser, (RED), Central Park, Atlas Obscura, and many others.